Download Kizuna AI – Touch the Beat! NSP, XCI ROM + All DLCs

Release DateMay 25, 2023
GenreMusic, Video
Publisher & DeveloperGemdrops
SystemNintendo Switch
Image FormatNSP
Game Version1.0.3
LanguageEnglish, French, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Required firmware16.0.3
MultiplayerSingle System (1)
Age ratingEveryone
Supported play modesTV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

Download Kizuna AI – Touch the Beat! NSP, XCI ROM Are you ready to go on an unforgettable musical journey? Prepare to be immersed in the enthralling world of Kizuna AI: Touch the Beat, a game that is designed to transform your rhythm gaming experience. In this post, we’ll look at this fun musical journey, its unique features, and why it’s a must-play for music and gaming fans both.

Game Overview: Diving into the World of Kizuna AI

In the mesmerizing realm of rhythm and melody, Kizuna AI: Touch the Beat emerges as a captivating adventure, where the enigmatic Kizuna AI takes the helm. Within this unique gaming masterpiece, crafted by the ingenious minds at Gemdrops, an alluring innovation known as “View Mode” beckons, inviting players to traverse game levels with the elegance and liberation akin to that of an unburdened avian creature.

But wait, there’s more! The gaming is when the real magic happens. Players may immerse themselves in the rhythm, grooving to the beat as they go through the game, thanks to straightforward touch controls. For those looking for a deeper level of immersion, the View Mode offers the option of touch or gyro controls, guaranteeing that every player finds their chosen method.

Songs & DLC: The Heartbeat of the Game

One of the highlights of Kizuna AI: Touch the Beat is its stunning collection of songs, all performed by the sensational Kizuna AI herself. With a total of 15 popular tracks to choose from, players can expect an enchanting auditory experience. Among these tracks, “Hello, Morning” stands out, boasting an impressive 2,170,000 views. It’s a sensation that has resonated with fans far and wide.

In the intricate world of gaming, the excitement knows no bounds, and it doesn’t simply halt at that. As the curtain rises on this thrilling gaming journey, players are in for an exhilarating ride that transcends the ordinary. Brace yourself for a continuous flow of innovative and captivating Downloadable Content (DLC), poised to propel the game into uncharted realms of excitement and adventure.

This additional gaming material is not merely a collection of songs, attire, or mundane elements; it is an intricate tapestry woven to enhance and elevate your entire gaming odyssey. Prepare to be captivated, enthralled, and delighted as you embark on this remarkable journey, where every pixel pulsates with the promise of an unforgettable gaming experience.

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Now, let’s embark on a voyage through the labyrinth of language, where words intertwine like dancers in a grand ballroom. Behold, Kizuna AI: Touch the Beat, a harmonious fusion of melody and interactive delight. This avant-garde masterpiece beckons to enrapture and enthrall enthusiasts spanning generations. With its innovative attributes, an enchanting protagonist, and an ever-expanding treasury of musical opuses and downloadable content, brace yourselves for an imminent storm, one that shall redefine the very landscape of the gaming industry.

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With these profound concepts as our guiding stars, let us now embark upon a cosmic odyssey into the mesmerizing universe of Kizuna AI. Prepare to embark on a harmonious expedition, one that transcends the boundaries of conventional musical experiences. “Touch the Beat” beckons you with a beguiling promise, enticing both the seasoned virtuoso of gaming realms and the ardent music connoisseur in search of an unparalleled auditory adventure.

Dear reader, do not squander this opportunity, for it is an invitation to become an integral part of an enthralling, mind-bending, and soul-stirring voyage into the heart of an enchanting and multifaceted experience!

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Europe/USA – Title ID –  [010081C0191D8000]

  • Kizuna AI – Touch the Beat! NSP ROM
  • Size: 2.81GB



  • Kizuna AI – Touch the Beat! NSP Update
  • Size: 492.96MB



  • Kizuna AI – Touch the Beat! DLC Pack (3 DLCs)
  • Size: 352.66KB



Download Kizuna AI – Touch the Beat! NSP, XCI ROM


Q. What platforms is “Kizuna AI: Touch the Beat” available on?

Ans. “Kizuna AI: Touch the Beat” is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch platform.

Q. Can I play this game on my Nintendo Switch Lite?

Ans. Yes, you can enjoy “Kizuna AI: Touch the Beat” on both the standard Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Q. What play modes are supported in the game?

Ans. The game has three play modes: TV mode, Tabletop mode, and Handheld mode, giving players flexibility and convenience.

 Q. How can I control the gameplay in “Kizuna AI: Touch the Beat”?

Ans. You can control the gameplay using intuitive tap controls. Additionally, the game offers the option of gyro controls in the View Mode, allowing you to choose your preferred style of play.

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