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Egg NS Emulator

What is Egg Ns?

Egg Ns Emulator is the best tool for those who want to experience the Nintendo Switch platform on their Android smartphone. The emulator lets you emulate all the NS games on your smartphone. 

The Egg NS emulator comes with multiple features that are unique and inclusive to the Egg NS emulator only. When it comes to Nintendo Switch emulators they require a tool called Switchdroid which lets you run the NS console on a  smartphone. 

It is the main reason behind the functioning of any NS emulator. Similarly, the Egg NS emulator also has a Switchdroid folder that you have to use alongside the app to make it work. In this article, we will see what the Switchdroid is all about and how to use it on the Egg NS emulator.

What is Egg NS Emulator Switchdroid?

Switchdroid is an emulator or tool that first came as the solution to play the Nintendo Switch games on any android smartphone. We can also say it was the first NS emulator. Most of the NS emulator requires Switchdroid to make the emulator functional.

The main reason is that the Switchdroid contains the runtime environment of all the games. This gives the emulator the ability to mirror the Nintendo Switch games on android smartphones.

Similarly, with the Egg NS Emulator, there is a Switchdroid folder that has the game’s runtime environment. To make the Egg NS emulator you have to download a Switchdroid zip file which contains the Switchdroid folder.

In this folder, there will be all the files that you need. Now you have to set up the Switchdroid with the Egg NS Emulator app, and now you can run any NS game you want.
How to Setup Switchdroid with Egg NS Emulator?
The first thing you need to do is to install the Egg NS Emulator from the Google Play Store.

Now download the file.

Extract the file and make sure to remember the location where you’re extracting the file.

Open the Egg NS Emulator, and register for a new account.

Once you’re done now go to the Game Settings.

Here you will see two options below “Necessary to Setup”.

The first one is the Data directory, here you have to add the Switchdroid folder location.
The second is the XCI/NSP Storage location, here you have to add the game folder location. It is simply the folder your game files are stored in.

For the first option select the location where you’ve extracted the file and tap on use this folder. Wait for some time to complete the process.

Now tap on the second option and locate the folder where you have stored the Nintendo Switch game file.

Once you’re done wait for a few seconds and you will be able to see the game that you’ve added.

Click on the game to open it and you can also choose the controller settings.

So, this is how you can set up the Switchdroid folder on Egg NS Emulator and play your favorite Nintendo Switch games on your Android device.

Download SwitchDroid Folder For Egg NS

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