Download It’s a Wrap! NSP, XCI ROM (Full Game)

Release DateAugust 31, 2023
GenrePuzzle, Action
Publisher & DeveloperAMC Games
SystemNintendo Switch
Image formatNSP
Game version1.0
LanguageEnglish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
Required firmware16.0.3
MultiplayerSingle System (1)
Age ratingEveryone 10+
Supported play modesTV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode


Download It’s a Wrap! NSP, XCI ROM (Full Game)In the fast-paced world of gaming, a new sensation has hit the scene. “It’s a Wrap!” is a thrilling 2D puzzle platformer that catapults you into the heart of 1980s Hollywood. In this unique adventure, you will wear two hats – that of a director and a charismatic action star – as you navigate the tumultuous world of low-budget filmmaking. Your mission: to restore order on chaotic sets, coordinate actors and props, and then step into your character’s shoes, all the while dodging treacherous obstacles, including a menacing giant boulder.

Dive into the Director’s Chair

Director’s Phase: Imagine yourself as the captain of the ship, orchestrating every aspect of the scene. Your role as director is not only to solve intricate puzzles but also to fine-tune the timing of props, actors, and special effects, ensuring that each scene is a resounding success while safeguarding your star’s well-being.

Lights, Camera, Action!

The action phase begins once the stage is set and your vision has been established. You’ll be whisked away to the heart of conventional 2D action, complete with intense platforming, high-speed automobile chases, and epic space battles. Take control of Johnny Rush, the movie’s iconic star, as you navigate through the thrilling world of Hollywood action.

Comical Demises Await

Unique Demises: What sets “It’s a Wrap!” apart is its sheer creativity in meting out comical fates for Johnny Rush. Drawing inspiration from classic cartoons and adventure games, the game offers over a hundred humorous ways for Johnny to meet his end. The best part? There’s no need to be concerned about long-term injury; simply rewind to the beginning of the scenario and try again! It’s a fun method to learn from your errors and improve your trade.

Nostalgic Homage to the 80s

Nostalgic Delights: Keep a keen eye out for references to beloved fictional archaeologists, space wizards, and fugitive soldiers on the run from the law. “It’s a Wrap!” is a treasure trove of nostalgia for anyone who grew up loving the movies of the ’80s.

In conclusion

“It’s a Wrap!” is not just a game; it’s a nostalgic journey through the vibrant world of ’80s cinema, wrapped in a unique puzzle-action experience. So, gear up for adventure, grab your controller, and let the cameras roll!

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  • It’s a Wrap! NSP ROM (Full Game)
  • Size: 601.50MB



Download It’s a Wrap! NSP, XCI ROM (Full Game)

Ques What platform is “It’s a Wrap!” available on?

Ans “It’s a Wrap!” is exclusively available on the Nintendo Switch platform.

Ques. Is “It’s a Wrap!” suitable for children?

Ans Absolutely! The game carries an ‘Everyone 10+’ rating, making it suitable for players of all ages who are ten years and older.

Ques. How does the unique demise feature work in the game?

Ans In “It’s a Wrap!”, you can experience over a hundred comical ways for Johnny to meet his end. When you encounter one of these amusing mishaps, you can simply rewind to the start of the scene and try again, providing a fun and forgiving gameplay experience.

Ques. Is “It’s a Wrap!” only about puzzles, or does it have action elements too?

Ans “It’s a Wrap!” offers a dynamic mix of gameplay. In the Director’s Phase, you’ll be solving puzzles and managing the scene, while the Action Phase immerses you in traditional 2D action, including platforming, car chases, and space battles.

Ques. Are there any references to iconic ’80s movies in the game?

Ans A6: Yes, indeed! “It’s a Wrap!” is brimming with nostalgia and pays homage to various ’80s movie genres. You’ll find distinct aesthetics reminiscent of beloved blockbusters, with subtle nods to famous fictional archaeologists, space wizards, and renegade soldiers.


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