Download Cruis’n Blast NSP, XCI ROM + Update

Release DateSeptember 14, 2021
GenreRacing, Arcade, Multiplayer, Party
Publisher & DeveloperRaw Thrills
SystemNintendo Switch
Image formatNSP
Game version1.07
LanguageDutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
Required firmware12.1.0
MultiplayerSingle System (1-4), Local wireless (2-4)
Age ratingEveryone 10+
Supported play modesTV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

Download Cruis’n Blast NSP, XCI ROM In the realm of gaming, a momentous occurrence graces your Nintendo Switch, a spectacular convergence of the virtual and tangible. It’s a rarity, a gem in the frenetic cosmos of digital entertainment. Behold, the revolution of the racing game genre, an epoch-defining event, is scheduled to unfurl its brilliance on the hallowed date of September 14, 2021. In a masterstroke of innovation, “Cruis’n Blast,” the magnum opus of Raw Thrills, shall beckon gamers to embark on a journey of unparalleled thrill, an odyssey ensconced within the sanctuary of their cherished gaming sanctums.

Prepare to delve into a multifarious tapestry of excitement, for this opulent spectacle, bathed in the vibrant hues of multiplayer camaraderie, is primed to seize dominion over your screen. The symphony of screeching tires and the intoxicating scent of burning rubber will reverberate through your senses, as you steer your way through the labyrinthine alleys of this digital metropolis. Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up as we unfurl the veritable treasure trove of knowledge, for we are the purveyors of the most tantalizing revelations about this impending marvel.

Conquer the Tracks, Control the Rides

Venturing into the exhilarating universe of “Cruis’n Blast,” are you ready? Brace yourself for an extraordinary arcade racing escapade that seamlessly intertwines breakneck velocity, adrenaline-pumping thrills, and a sprinkle of enchantment. Grip the edges of your seat as we delve deep into unraveling the enigmatic charm that renders this gaming masterpiece an absolute imperative on your to-play list.

Track Mania

“Cruis’n Blast” offers nonstop action with approximately 30 exciting tunes at your disposal. Each course presents a distinct challenge, ranging from neon-lit streets in a future city to perilous off-road escapades in exotic settings. To win, you’ll need to master every twist and curve.

Ride in Style

One of the standout features of “Cruis’n Blast” is its impressive lineup of 23 vehicles. From licensed supercars that hug the road to larger-than-life monster trucks that crush everything in their path, and yes, even unicorns that defy the laws of physics – the choice is yours. Every vehicle offers a different experience, so pick your dream ride and prepare to race like never before.

Multiplayer Madness

The fun doesn’t stop when you’re playing alone. “Cruis’n Blast” supports both single-system and local wireless multiplayer modes, allowing you to race against friends and family. Up to four players can join the action, making it the perfect game for a gathering or a competitive showdown. Grab your controllers and let the races begin!

Family-Friendly Thrills

“Cruis’n Blast” offers nonstop action with approximately 30 exciting tunes at your disposal. Each course presents a distinct challenge, ranging from neon-lit streets in a future city to perilous off-road escapades in exotic settings. To win, you’ll need to master every twist and curve.

Versatile Play Modes

“Cruis’n Blast” has you covered in every method you choose to play. The game adapts to your preferences, whether you’re playing at home in TV mode, on the move in portable mode, or looking for a quick tabletop combat. Take the thrill with you everywhere you go.

The Final Lap

“Cruis’n Blast” is expected to revolutionize the world of arcade-style racing games. It provides infinite amusement for gamers of all ages, with a variety of tracks, an astounding assortment of cars, and the chance to race with others. So, crank your engines, select your ideal bike, and prepare to go on the ultimate racing experience when “Cruis’n Blast” arrives on the Nintendo Switch on September 14, 2021. It’s time to feel the rush of the explosion!

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Europe/USA – Title ID –  [010081C0191D8000]

  • Cruis’n Blast NSP ROM
  • Size: 3.56GB



  • Cruis’n Blast NSP Update (v1.07)
  • Size: 86.79MB



Download Cruis’n Blast NSP, XCI ROM


Q. What is “Cruis’n Blast”?

Ans. “Cruis’n Blast” is an exhilarating arcade-style racing game developed by Raw Thrills. It offers high-speed racing action, a variety of unique vehicles, and an array of thrilling tracks.

Q. When was “Cruis’n Blast” released for Nintendo Switch?

Ans. “Cruis’n Blast” was released on September 14, 2021, for the Nintendo Switch.

Q. Can I choose different vehicles to race with?

Ans. Absolutely! “Cruis’n Blast” features 23 distinct vehicles to choose from. You can select from licensed supercars, monstrous trucks, and even unicorns, each offering a unique racing experience.

Q. Is “Cruis’n Blast” a multiplayer game?

Ans. It certainly is! “Cruis’n Blast” is available in single-system mode (1-4 players on the same console) and local wifi mode (2-4 players). Bring your friends and family together for exciting multiplayer racing.

Q. What are the supported play modes for “Cruis’n Blast”?

Ans. “Cruis’n Blast” may be played in a variety of modes, including TV mode, Tabletop mode, and Handheld mode. This adaptability guarantees that you may enjoy the game in the manner that best suits you.

Q. Is there downloadable content (DLC) available for “Cruis’n Blast”?

Ans. At the time of its release, “Cruis’n Blast” did not have announced DLC. Keep an eye on official announcements for any potential future updates or expansions.

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